The McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind (MIMM) fosters collaboration among dozens of scientists, researchers and musicians. Together, they explore fundamental questions about the neurological impact and benefits of music, dance and the arts.


UX/UI design

Responsive design


Problem / Tasks

The client was hosting a university music conference and needed a new website built to house all relevant information pertaining to the conference. They also required a method to live stream the event online.


Our primary objective was to develop a new website with a custom design tailored to the theme of the conference. The website would have general information about the conference, a registration portal, a dedicated poster section, a contact section.


The website features a custom design with modern visual elements and images. The design is focused on ease of navigation and allows users to easily access relevant event information. The website was also equipped with a custom built poster submission system allowing participants to submit entries and organizers to easily approve and publish them to the website. A registration form for the event was developed and implemented along with an ecommerce solution. A live stream of the event was also set up on YouTube.


We created a visually appealing website that is responsive, user friendly and accessible. The website included a system for user poster submissions and displays. The registration form successfully captured registrant info and collected payment through an ecommerce system. The event was also successfully live streamed online to attract a larger international audience.

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