Ottawa Board of Trade

The Ottawa Board of Trade advocates for collaborative and sustainable community prosperity, builds support for local businesses as they launch, pivot, or grow, and champions the City of Ottawa as the best place to live, work and invest. The Ottawa Board of Trade also drives initiatives that remove barriers, save costs and unite local businesses.


UX/UI design

Responsive design


Problem / Tasks

The client needed to bring together four partners (Ottawa Board of Trade, City of Ottawa, Invest Ottawa, and Ottawa Tourism) to share all the different parts of why Ottawa is a great city to work, live and invest in, and market it to the world.


Our objective was to create a brand new website that showcased all of the marketing aspects that the client wanted. Additionally, the website needed to allow individuals to share their experiences in Ottawa.


The website was divided into sections pertaining to the various aspects of Ottawa that the client wanted to showcase (Live & Learn, Work & Invest, and Live & Play). We integrated relevant social media channel posts to automatically appear on the website, further giving users the opportunity to see a more in depth view of the Ottawa experience.


The finished website gives users a clear and concise picture of what working, living or visiting Ottawa is like and what they can expect. The integrated social media sharing page allows users to see real-time external posts by people living, working and visiting Ottawa to get an even better idea of the area.

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