Nachurs Alpine Solutions® (NAS) is a leading manufacturer of liquid fertilizers in North America providing quality products since 1946. NAS has manufacturing plants in New Hamburg, Ontario; Belle Plaine, Saskatchewan; Marion, Ohio; Corydon, Indiana, Red Oak, Iowa and St. Gabriel, Louisiana. NAS markets specialty precision liquid in-furrow starters, foliar fertilizers, and micronutrients for field and specialty crops under the ALPINE brand in Canada.


UX/UI design

Responsive design


Problem / Tasks

The client required the creation of a new website to act as the primary online informational and marketing tool for the company. The old website was outdated and not very user friendly.


Our team needed to create a visually appealing and modern website which compliments the client’s branding and marketing direction. A priority of the project was to ensure ease of navigability and user friendliness. The website needed to house a large catalogue of products with various filters as well as an easy to use map of regional sales representatives.


Our design agency created a new website built on the WordPress CMS, with custom products, equipment, and documents systems, allowing users to choose from various filters and rich navigation options while browsing products. We generated a custom map for the website with all administrative regions and the correlating district sales managers, allowing users to easily find their sales representative based on geolocation. We also used geo redirection solutions to show users relevant content based on their geographic location.


By working with the client to determine their needs, we developed the newly redesigned website on the WordPress CMS platform. The website has additional customizations incorporated to ensure uniformity and integration with the overall branding direction.

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