TopLine Sales Compensation Solutions

TopLine Sales Compensation Solutions is a North American consulting firm that transforms sales compensation competitive advantage. They work with clients to custom design a sales compensation plan into that attracts, motivates and retains the sales talent needed to drive the growth of a business.


UX/UI design

Responsive design


Problem / Tasks

The client is a one man show small business that needed a simple website to demonstrate their work. The website needed to be simple but professional with a quick turnaround time of two weeks from initial contact to delivery.


Our objective was to create a single page website housing information about the client’s operations as well as a contact form to capture user information and queries.


Our team designed a new responsive website for TopLine Sales Compensation Solutions. We focused on improving the site’s user experience and user interface design (UX/UI). The new web design features one-page scrolling with a lazy loading design and animations. Our developers also enhanced site functionality by implementing contact forms as well as improved site security and performance.


The client is very satisfied with the end product website. In particular the ease of navigation and improvements to UX/UI design.

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